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We’re a little bit girly, a little bit sassy, and a whole lot of passion for finding that next big trend. We love when our designs really click with our customers, which in turn, click with their customers. We have grown up with this industry and work to provide designs with a sophisticated style that still take you back to the first time you saw art in cookie form.


For Megan, baking was not just a creative outlet, but a lifeline that has provided freedom and stability through life’s winding journey. It allowed her to express her art and provide for her family, and eventually, opened the world of designing for other bakers. With success in 3D printing came a house full of printers and a shop with such high demand that it could only handle a week of orders before it had to close again. Seeing the need for some backup, her brother-in-law Micah (huge tech geek) and his wife (business systems guru) jumped into the fray to make Sweetleigh a true family business. Kids were making boxes, print turns happening in the middle of the night - it was a fun crazy time (and thankfully, its in the rear-view mirror :)

Today, the Sweetleigh catalog is more than 3,000 designs strong and ships all over the world. We are so grateful for all of our customers who have grown with us, encouraged us, and often challenged us to be better. The journey has been Loveleigh, and the future will be even sweeter.


We believe in abundance and a community that lifts each other up. We believe there is no lack of good ideas or creativity. You may be a successful professional doing some baking on the side, just for fun. Or maybe you bake full time, relying on your decorating skills as your primary source of income. Or maybe you have baked for years and now want to teach others what you’ve learned. Wherever you fit, we believe you have a unique voice in this industry and our goal is to help you bring that creativity to life.