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Christmas in July Part 1 - Christmas Surfboard Decorating Tutorial

Hello Loveleighs!

As you may know, we celebrate Christmas in July here at Sweetleigh and have for years. This year we decided to center our Summer Sweet Box around the Christmas in July theme, and honestly can't decide which of our new designs is cuter. We'll let you Loveleigh cookiers who snagged the box choose!

It's officially summer in California, which means it's HOT!!! We are doing our best to beat the heat, and what better way than to pretend we are at the beach?? Come join us today as we decorate our new Christmas Surfboard Cookie cutter design. Here's what you are gonna need...

Baked cookies (duh, lol)

  • Piping consistency icing in the following colors...
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Red
    • White
    • Aqua / Mint
  • Flood consistency icing in the following colors...
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Red
  • Scribe for settling icing / popping air bubbles
  • Christmas Music softly playing in the background to set the mood
  • Perhaps a Loveleigh cocktail or beverage of your choice

Let's get to it!!!

Step 1: Outline your cookie design using your piping icing

  • Outline the star section at the top of the cookie shape with yellow.
  • Outline the outer edges of your surfboard with green.
  • Outline the red stripe down the center of your cookie.


Step 2: Take a sip of your cocktail.

Step 3: Flood your outlined cookie design using FLOOD icing (go section by section allowing dry time in between each):

  • Flood red stripe
  • Flood outer edges green
  • Flood star yellow


Step 4: DRY for 5-10 minutes

Step 5: Sip that drink!

Step 6: Add your “Christmas light string” using your PIPING Icing

Step 7: Take another sip of that cocktail and admire your talent! 

Sweet! You did it and it looks AMAZING!!! Now sit back and relax and we will be back with the another tutorial later this week!! Come prepared to Cookie & Cocktail!

XOXO- Sweetleigh



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Ann ricci

Ann ricci

July 11, 2022

Will you have drawings on the website so that we can use them with the projector

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