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The Sweetleigh Blog

The most frequent question I get is, “Which 3D printer should I buy?” There are so many options and with 3D cookie cutter models readily available, it's time to get your own printer. But which one?

3D printing is magic. 

It is Star Trek replicator level magic.  Take Harry Potter, mix it with Gandolf, add some Dr Strange and bake at 350 for an hour, and you get 3D printing.  It's literally making something out of nothing.  (Ok, not literally, but you get the idea.)

There is no better time to get into 3D printing and because most cookie cutters are relatively straightforward shapes, you can honestly ignore most 3D printing information out there. 

My goal with this guide is to give you a clear understanding of what would be involved, and then nudge you toward getting a printer of your own.